About Us

Recycled Glass Countertop Guys is one of the largest supplier of recycled glass countertops, we have branches in different cities ensuring we are providing quality products to all the customers’.we are always working our best to have all our customers satisfied and our pride is when we see a customer happy.


Our mission is to have all houses fitted with the different types of countertops, we deal in a variety of countertops arranging from recycled glass countertops, granite, marble and even wood. Recycled glass countertops are the most sought after and we always ensure that we have them available in all shapes, designs and even colors.

Our mission is to have a customer able to meet all their countertops dreams by installing modern and durable countertops are negotiated prices. We always have the prices charged differently depending on the amount of recycled glass material to be used and also the space to be covered by the recycled glass countertop or any other type of materials to be used for the countertop.


In all Recycled Glass Countertop Guys works we always ensure that we maintain the highest standards of safety, we have the best and approved attire when installation is being done and also ensure all accessories and tools are well kept to eliminate chances of accidents that can hurt the residents and also the workers.

Our promise

At Recycled Glass Countertop Guys we are always committed to delivering on and fulfilling the promises we make to our customers. We always ensure that we give promises that we are certain we will deliver so as to avoid a situation where our customers don’t trust us. We are good in time management and always ensure that we meet all our targets in the set time frame.

Our uniqueness

At Recycled Glass Countertop Guys we are known for our exceptional performance.we always have very unique products which our customers will always get at Recycled Glass Countertop Guys and nowhere else. Some of the things that make us unique include;

• Provision of unique and exceptional products, designs and craftsmanship.

• Having the best customer service department

• Provision of quality, diversification and sustainable products to all our customers

• Going an extra mile when dealing with our customers and suppliers, we always treat them beyond what they expect of us.

• Respecting and honoring our employees, through these we are able to keep them motivated and able to work well.

• Having a good relationship with all the customers and community around us.


At Recycled Glass Countertop Guys team work is the driving force to our success. We have always ensured that Recycled Glass Countertop Guys activities are run as a team and every one of puts passion and hard work in their different responsibilities. We always ensure that that we are motivating each one of us and also help one another in achieving their personal goals and also the Recycled Glass Countertop Guys goals


At Recycled Glass Countertop Guys we always ensure that we motivate our employees by having better remuneration and also having the best working conditions for them. We encourage creativity and for every creativity that brings profits to us, we always ensure that the creator is well rewarded.

Reach us on 888-213-7260 for more information.

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